Dienstag, 23. September 2014

High Elve Dragon Princes with Charakters / Hochelfen Drachenprinzen mit Charakteren

Howdy ;)
And here we come to the Plunderbus, the massive Killteam with loads of attacks, high speed and wohoo the noble Princes of all time.
The High Elve Dragon Princes got a special colorsheme. Still matching to the Rest of the Army but with a touch of Red. The storyline says that the Dragon Princes had Red Mails but that wouldnt have matched to the Rest of the Army and so i decided to do just a bit of Red washing on some parts ;)
You see here on those pics some WIP and then the finished Unit including all mounted Characters so far.
The Unit was build with Placeholders again as the 2 mounted Hereos were builded out of the same Box. So we have a normal Command and 10 normal Knights. 2 of the Knights are assembled on the Placeholders.
The Banner will get a freehand later on ...

I hope you like them as they are really special colored and far a way from all the knowen colorshemes out there. I love them ;)

and here including the characters....

as always comments are very welcome