Freitag, 31. Mai 2013

Mai - Juni / May - June Workbench

Hello Folks

Here we go with a Little Workbench Update for the next few weeks. On the Workbench i have loads of Warhammer Fantasy miniatures to assemble and paint. First is the Nordland army Project, followed by the Ostermark Army and then some 40K again like Space Wolves and Chaos Space Marines. There we have 3 Cannon Emplacements with their Cannons & Crew, several Characters from different manufacturers, some Big Ones like the Steam Tank, the Orcanium and the War Altar, plus 32 Panther Knights and roundabout 50 Infantrymen from the Perrys and another 3 Demigriphons...and im sure my customer will add some other things too ;)

So here a few impressions of the actually totally chaotic workbench....some new Things from Hobby Zone are on the way to make a propper Workbench in the next couple of days :D

Hallo Freunde

Ein kleines Workbench Update für die nächste Wochen. Jede Menge Warhammer Fantasy liegt auf dem Tisch und in den Regalen die gebaut und bemalt werden wollen.

Freitag, 17. Mai 2013

Eldar Warpspinnen / Eldar Warpspiders

Hello Folks :D

So after a long time and a loads of accidents with those guys i finally can call them finished.
The Base will be made by the customer himself.

On these Minis we see the good oldschool style of Games Workshops Casting, alot of ugly definated parts, beside just 3 Poses and an Exarch Model and so i really look forward to the new Model Line comming with the new Eldar Codex in summer.

let me know what you think about the oldschool castings


Hallo Freunde

Sodale, nach einer langen Zeit und etlichen unvorhersehbaren Unfällen sind sie endlich fertig.
Die Base wird vom Kunden selbst gestaltet.