Donnerstag, 24. Oktober 2013

Project Empire Nordland #3 - The Mages

Hello Dear Followers

It's time to go on with the Series about the Empire Nordland Army.
In this "Episode" i talk about and Show you the Mages for that Army. We have all in all 4 Mages on foot, 1 Mage on Horse and one on the Orkanium. In this post you will see 3 of the Mages on Foot, as the 4th is still WIP as the one on Horse and for the Orkanium.
My Customer wanted to have Mages using the Force of Light, but during the painting Progress we changed a few Things on the Paintings to make them more outstanding from the Army and of course more eyecatching.
So on the desk we had 3 Games Workshop Mages in that stage. Alle got a very lightning Color sheme with bright Colors and detailed staffs and books etc. One mage was painted with a metallic cape with stars on it to look like the nightsky. The others have been painted with a very bright Blue White capes, but changed later on during the Progress.
I tried some new things on thoses both as i used things for Nail Art as they are very usefull to make some extra Details as seen on the Banner for the Inner Circle Panther Knights ;)

So lets have a look :)

Hallo liebe Blogger

Es ist wiedermal Zeit weiter über die Nordland Imperium Armee zu sprechen

Sonntag, 13. Oktober 2013

Project Empire Nordland #2 - The Knight Panther Inner Circle

Howdy :)

Welcome to the second Part of my Mini Series about the Nordland Empire Army. This time i take with you a look on the Inner Circle Panther Knights. A Squad of 15 Knights with the typical Panther Cloak and the fine Heraldry of a lil decadent Order of Knights.

The Basic Colors are the typical blue and yellow. But in that case and the Story behind the Inner Circle of every Order i pushed a step further. Let me explain a bit. In the middle Age the most famous and of course the richest Knights had blueisht Plate Mails. It was an Special Kind of Plate that was harder but more flexible as the blacksmiths used a Special technic to make this which in final colored the Iron blue. Those Plates were massively expensive and only the best and richest Noblemen were able to buy them.
So i decided it would be great to have a Squad of Inner Circle Knights who are the noble in perfection. So all Knights Plates in that Squad are blue metal. To give the contrast needed i added some parts of Gold, especially on the helmets to make them just a bit more outstanding. The Cloak with the typical colorsheme of a Leopard/Panther brings the final Flair to that Unit. The cloaks i had to use were those from Games Workshop instead of scratch build some different ones caused on the customers wish.

The horses got also some extra detailing on their cuirass. So all together makes an outstanding Unit for me.

lets have a look:)

Hali Hallo :)

Willkommen zum 2. Teil meiner Mini Serie über die Nordland Armee des Imperiums. Diesmal betrachten wir den Inneren Zirkel des Panther Ordens. Eine Einheit aus 15 Rittern mit vollem Kommando mit den typischen Pantherumhängen und der feinen Heraldik eines Inneren Zirkels.

Die Basisfarben sind typisch Blau und Gelb. Allerdings wollte ich in diesem Fall die Sache noch etwas weiter treiben um die Dekadenz eines so elitären Ordens und speziell deren Inneren Zirkels hervor heben. Kurze Erklärung: Im Mittelalter hatten einige besonders gute Ritter und reiche Lordschaften eine "gebläute" Rüstung um ihren Stand hervor zu heben.

Donnerstag, 10. Oktober 2013

Projekt Imperium Nordland #1 / Project Empire Northland #1

Hello Folks

It was a Long time i didnt posted something on my blog. Some of you may have wondered " is he still painting ?" Yess he is.
In the last 12 weeks i was so busy with an awesome big Project, that i decided to spare the time for Blogging and use it for painting.

But now im back an let you be part of that Empire Army Project in a small series of Blog Posts during the next couples of days.

So lets start to explain what that Project was and still is about.
The Empire Army i worked at is a Nordlander Army with strong parts of Panther Knights in it. We have several different models in this Project.
15 Panther Knights of the inner circle, 17 normal Panther Knights, 9 Demigriffon Panther Knights, 40 Hellbardiers, 31 Archers, 4 Mages, 2 different Army Standardbearers, 2 Generals, a Hero on Pegasus, Warrior Priest, 2 Great Cannons, 1 Hellfire Cannon, 1 Archlector on Altar, 1 Orkanium with megnetised parts to use it also as Luminarium, 5 Pistoliers, 1 Steam Tank and loads of extra designed Showbases for some of the Units.

For this first part i will Show you several pics from the workbench where i did the first Assemblings and Basic Colors.

here we go :)

Hallo liebe Freunde

Es ist eine ganze Weile her das ich etwas auf diesem Blog gepostet habe. Einige mögen sich gedacht haben : " malt er noch ?" Die Antwort ist JA er malt noch :) Ich habe die letzten 12 Wochen genutzt um dieses großartige Imperium Projekt voran zu treiben und dabei entschieden das Bloggen zu sparen um mehr Zeit für das Projekt zu haben.
In den nächsten Tagen werde ich nun aber endlich Schritt für Schritt über dieses Projekt; Armee des Imperiums aus Nordland berichten.

Lasst uns mal schauen was dieses Projekt alles beinhaltete und noch kommen wird. Wir haben einen Schwerpunkt auf Nordland mit massiven Teilen von Panther Rittern: