Dienstag, 25. Juni 2013

Space Wolves Donnerwolf / Thunderwolve

Hello Folks

Here we go with the next update for the Space Wolves Army. The Thunderwolve Champion. Ist also a bit convertet as i used an other backpack caused on the dismatch of the original Citadel FAILCast. I assembled a lil Banner on it to make that Model more clear as Champion of the Unit.
The whole model is Finecast and it was a very very very bad casting. I tried my best to assemble it and make a pretty paintjob. If i would have remodelled the Fails i would have throwen it away haha and bought a new one. And the cost for those emense plus then 10 or mor hours to make it a propper model i must Charge another 40,- euros and so.....

here is what came out

Hallo Freunde

Weiter geht's mit den Wölfen.

Diesmal der Champion für die Donnerwölfe. Das back pack habe ich umgebaut weil das original Citadel FAILCast nicht passte. Das ganze Modell ist Finecast und war dermaßen schlecht gegossen, das ich es schon weg werfen wollte und ein neues kaufe....wenn man all die Fehler nachmodellieren würde müsste ich nochmal extra 40,- Euro berechnen.
Ich hab versucht das beste draus zu machen und habe noch ein kleines Banner auf dem Back Pack installiert um das Modell noch etwas mehr als Champion heraus zu heben.

hier nun was dabei heraus kam

comments welcome



  1. Hola
    Bonito si señor,me gustan esta figuras
    de los lobos espaciales
    yo e terminado hace poco a canis nacido lobo
    un saludo

    1. Thank you j.d. also when i mostly not understand and must use a translator ;)

      un saludo amigo ;)


  2. "The whole model is Finecast and it was a very very very bad casting"

    Oh ? It's very surprising isn't it ? AHAHAHAHA !!!

    By the way, it's a very good job. Colours are uncommon (specially the wolf) but I really like it !!



    1. heya Bro :D

      heheh no it was no surprise really but must say i have a few finecast models that are good...okay its 2 out of 100 hahahaha

      and thanks for the Feedback


  3. Stunning figure - lovely painting too. Dean