Mittwoch, 17. April 2013

Projekt - Imperium Nordland / Project - Empire Nordland

Hello Folks

So here I start now with one of my TWO Empire Customers Projects. This is the NORDLAND Part and a second is comming next few days for the second Empire - OSTERMARK Project.
Both Armys are very big and are so generally different not only in the color sheme but in the choice of miniatures.

Oki ... the start makes a small view about the basing of the Nordland army. We have massive Stone parts combined with lot of grases and some woodfloor elements

These six Bases are for the Demi Griffon Riders..another 3 will come later.

So have a look and enjoy the several steps i post here

Hallo Freunde

Nun geht es los mit den beiden Imperium Kundenarmeen. Eine im Nordland Schema und eine im Ostmark Schema.