Freitag, 7. Februar 2014

Painting Competition from Warlord

Competition: Hansa Nairoba Painting Challenge

Taking a momentary break from playtesting Beyond the Gates of Antares, his forthcoming science-fiction game, Rick Priestley came up with a great idea: the Hansa Nairoba Painting Challenge. Rick explains:
Below you can see our Hansa model – Hansa Nairoba painted by Golem Painting Studio. I plan to tell you a bit more about our Hansa Nairoba character soon, and it would be great if we could feature more models painted by you – doesn’t matter what style – it’d be really interesting to see how many different interpretations we can come up with. I have my own Hansa – my paint jobs can’t really compete with ace painters like our own André Amián or Golem Painting Studio  – and it would interesting to see just how many interpretations we can come up with.
So – if you have a photo of your painted Hansa that you would be willing to share please post pics of your creation on our forums here. I’ll sort through and pick out a varied selection to show – and we’ll get the Warlord guys to pick out a favourite too. If we pick your model as our favourite we’ll include it in our beta rulebook as well.