Freitag, 15. November 2013

Project Nordland # 4 - The Orkanium / Luminarium

Howdy Folks

Off we go with the next part of the Series about the Nordland Army Project. This time we take a look at the Orkanium & Luminarium. Both Versions are makable with only one Modell which is the cheaper Version than to buy 2 Boxes ;)

As i started this Modell i thought to take magnets to assemble both tops,but during the Assembling i found out that it is much easier just by stick them to the top instead of complex magnetisations. For my dear customer it was very necessary that he can remove the Top for easier Transport.

The painting is Close to the General Color sheme of Nordland with its blue and yellow Colors. To make sure to see its a "Magic wagon" i used the 8 Colors from the "winds of Magic" here and there. The inside got a bit detailing by painting all books in several Magic Colors and some "letters" as freehands on them.

The Chains between the horses and the wagon were cut off and i took some medelling chains to fit it together as the wagon and the horses are in a curve angle.

The first TOP is the Orkanium with all the Colors of the Winds of Magic on it on the Planets. The second TOP is the Luminarium where i just used simple Colors and took an Special eye on the lenses. I painted them very highly White Metal and then made a wash out of the Basic Color with a drop of turquise and led it flow softly in the lower right "corner" and so the effect of "glas" was established.

The Mage and his helper are painted seperatly and i forgot to make some pics of them :S

so here the Pics....

Hallo :)

Und weiter geht's mit dem nächsten Teil der Nordland Serie. Diesmal schauen wir uns das Orkanium / Luminarium an. Beide Versionen sind aus einem Bausatz bau bar, ohne das man einen zweiten Bausatz benötigt, was Geld und Zeit spart.