Donnerstag, 25. September 2014

High Elve Bowmen and Eagles / Hochelfen Bogenschützen und Adler

Good morning, good day, good evening *lol*

So here is the next part of the High Elve Madness ( loads more to come in a couple of days/weeks )

Today i want to show you the 3 bowmen units( i call them Bowmen as these are not the normal Archer Models in plastic )
Each modell is taken from 7th and 6th Edition Shadow Warrior Boxes. Each Unit got a unique Champions model to stay a bit individual.
We have only a handfull of different poses that makes a clear look as one unit, acting as one.
The Capes were painted completely with the airbrush in about 6 layers and so they look a bit lighter than the rest to get some "we are magial High elve effect". Basing as the Rest in Winter theme. The Capes got a lil bit snow near the ground too to get the effect of digging from behind unseen thru the Winter Scenery so a bit Stealthy ;)

so lets see some pics then

And now a look to the eagles.
I must say i dont really like the Model as it is always the same and its hard to create 2 different with the white metal. Also the dont fit really during the assembling phase.
I decided to bend the wings a bit and make 2 different Bases for them to create some different look.
Finally i forgot to paint the eyes so i apologise for that ;)

have a look :)

so thats from me today
keepon happy painting
comments very welcome

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