Montag, 22. September 2014

High Elve Pheonix Guard / Hochelfen Phönixgarde

Hello dear friends and followers.
As i mentioned before i will show up during the days, what the holiday season was done in the painting studio.

So on we go with the Pheonix Guard. The customers wish was a 30 miniature company builded out of 20 miniatures :D That sounds funny in the first but is a normal thing already in the tournament scene i guess. So the point is, to create placeholders instead of miniatures in the back lines of the unit to get them out as first losts in battle. So to keep straight with the idea of this High Elve Army, fighting in the cold ruins of a Nagarothi ruined City i hav added again those ruin arts from the Lord of the Rings Scenery Sprue. The miniatures were assembled arround that placeholders and gives a lot of deep and life to this unit.
The Winter has come more snowy and so we have a good general white theme to push the other colors in the army.

lets have some looks :)

as always i want to say
comments very very welcome... give me some feedback

stay tuned and happy painting

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