Donnerstag, 11. Juli 2013

Projekt - Imperium - Ostmark / Project - Empire - Ostermark

Howdy Gang :D

So here we start with the second Empire Army Project. This second Army is from Ostermark.
The Colorsheme is based on the well knowen PC Game Mark of Chaos plus some other inspiring Things taken from the Games Workshop Book about the Heraldry of the Empire Troops.
So the main Color is a darker yellow and a very clear purple. White and Tourquise are the extra Colors for some Extra Eyecatching.

This first Part is about a Main Regiment of Statetroops Swordsman plus detachements of 10 Bowmen and 10 Hellbardiers. All in all 51 Miniatures.
The Main Regiment is painted in Level 3 and the detachments in Level 2-3 as the customer wished.
The Miniatures are all from the older range from the late 90's which makes it a bit difficult for a higher paintlevel. They came to me assembled and most of them painted or primered several used Miniatures.

The Basing will be done when the first Half of the army, including several Characters, some Knights & Pistoliers and of course the Steam Tank a loads of Cannons.

so lets have a look :)

Hallo Freunde :D

Los geht's mit der zweiten Imperium Armee, diesmal Ostmark, wie ich persönlich finde die schönste Farbkombination.

Flames of War - Der Beginn / The Beginning

Hello Dear Followers

My Son and me finally took the step into a historical Hobby Part that we both were interested in for more than 10 months.
The smale scale of 15mm was a Thing i didnt really thought it could touch me, but finally as my Partner Shop S-Games opened a Store in my City the Thing was clear....i must do that cause i love all about the History of the WW II. Many Books about Tanks and the complete collection of the "Kriegstagebuch der Wehrmacht" are just a few parts of my Books about that Period. AND I LOOOVE TANKS :)

So the FoW Hobby is a Relaxing private Thing for my Sunday with my Son. It is the step back to a bit private Hobby beside the 6 day Customer Painting Service :)

So S-Games sponsored me a Open Fire Box about im very thankfull. To go a lil bit bigger i bought a second box together with the army List Book and a Tiger E as i will do the Germans, and my son got 2 extra M3A Halftrack Transport for the Parachute Infantrists of his American Forces.

At the Moment im not sure which armylist we will Play finally, maybe we create each 2 different Lists....we will see.

so here the first few shots from the Flames of War Workbench :)

Hallo Freunde :)

Mein Sohn und ich haben den finalen Schritt gewagt zusammen ein historisches Wargame anzufangen.

Workbench Juli #1 / Jule #1 2013

Howdy Folks :)

So this is the first Workbench from Jule including the first week of the month.
I had several things this last week on my desk.
First of all i have started the Empire Army Project for the Ostmark Army. Here we have 51 Miniatures to paint in Level 2 and 3 including 31 Statetroops Swordsman, 10 Bowmen and 10 Helberdiers. The Basing will be done in a Row when all is finished.
The Ostmark Colorsheme is based about several sources. First of all from the Mark of Chaos PC Game plus the GW Book about heraldry of the Empire Statetroops.

Also on the Workbench and be finished tomorrow i have 10 Chas Space Mrines from the Thousand sons Chapter. Pics will be on later ;)

And finally my son and me started Flames of War which will be showen in a seperated Blog Entry.

So take a look :)

Hi Freunde

Willkommen zum ersten Workbench Bericht Juli / 1. Woche