Mittwoch, 23. Januar 2013

Projekt - TAU Teil 3 & 4 / Project - TAU Part 3 & 4

Howdy Folks :)

Here we go to the next steps in the TAU Army Project.
Last week I painted 6 Crisis Battlesuits with all weapon options for those and 6 Ghost Battlesuits.

So lets start with the Crisis battlesuits. The customer added in forefield several magnets on the suit itself on all points weapons and upgrades can be assembled. Also all Equipmet itself and all weapons which are allowed to ad to a crisis battlesuit had had magnets and so, as a player, you can choose whatever eqipment and upgrades you want to play and add them just with a silent "click" when the magnets get put together. Its a very cool thing as you can change whatever you want whenever you want from Game to Game.

Werkbank KW 2&3 / Workbench CW 2&3

Howdy Folks :)

It is about 2 weeks that i postet the last Workbench Thread so it is time to cactch up with this and here we go with the new Workbench CW 2 & 3.

The CW 2 was packed with 2 Projects, the Eldar and the Tau.

For the Tau i had to do some things before the painting could start. Cleaning from Moldlines, primering new with the Air Brush and Washing them with the first Glaze and finally starting with the Basing.
The Eldar were ready to finish as they had to go to shipping on friday of CW2. All about the Eldar Project of that week you will find HERE and so i dont go deeper to this on that point here.

CW 3 was totally signed by the Tau Project. We had 6 Ghosts and 6 Crisis to finish.