Dienstag, 30. September 2014

New Painter on board

Es freut mich sehr euch mitteilen zu können das zukünftig eine zweite Kraft bei Jays Wargame Painting die Pinsel schwingt.
Einigen von Euch bekannt; Jürgen Frank aka SelektorKjulu der zusammen mit Daniel Gütl aka Nathelis gemeinsam den Blog Miniature Fairy Tales betreibt.

Jürgen wird sich zukünftig um die kleineren feineren Projekte bei Jays Wargame Painting kümmern, speziell Einzelfiguren und kleine Warbands im Skirmish Bereich und damit eine echte Breicherung für unser Team sein.

An dieser Stelle gleich eine der aktuellen Aufträge an denen er arbeitet für Malagant.

Abadon gegen Loken von ForgeWorld in Vitrinenstandard, ein echter hingucker.

Hier ein Snapshot vom fertigen Loken :

Wer mehr über Jürgen erfahren möchte, besucht einfach seinen Blog oder findet ihn in diversen Social Networks und Foren.

Wir von Jay's Wargame Painting freuen uns wirklich sehr und heißen Jürgen Herzlichst willkommen


Donnerstag, 25. September 2014

High Elve Bowmen and Eagles / Hochelfen Bogenschützen und Adler

Good morning, good day, good evening *lol*

So here is the next part of the High Elve Madness ( loads more to come in a couple of days/weeks )

Today i want to show you the 3 bowmen units( i call them Bowmen as these are not the normal Archer Models in plastic )
Each modell is taken from 7th and 6th Edition Shadow Warrior Boxes. Each Unit got a unique Champions model to stay a bit individual.
We have only a handfull of different poses that makes a clear look as one unit, acting as one.
The Capes were painted completely with the airbrush in about 6 layers and so they look a bit lighter than the rest to get some "we are magial High elve effect". Basing as the Rest in Winter theme. The Capes got a lil bit snow near the ground too to get the effect of digging from behind unseen thru the Winter Scenery so a bit Stealthy ;)

so lets see some pics then

Dienstag, 23. September 2014

High Elve Dragon Princes with Charakters / Hochelfen Drachenprinzen mit Charakteren

Howdy ;)
And here we come to the Plunderbus, the massive Killteam with loads of attacks, high speed and wohoo the noble Princes of all time.
The High Elve Dragon Princes got a special colorsheme. Still matching to the Rest of the Army but with a touch of Red. The storyline says that the Dragon Princes had Red Mails but that wouldnt have matched to the Rest of the Army and so i decided to do just a bit of Red washing on some parts ;)
You see here on those pics some WIP and then the finished Unit including all mounted Characters so far.
The Unit was build with Placeholders again as the 2 mounted Hereos were builded out of the same Box. So we have a normal Command and 10 normal Knights. 2 of the Knights are assembled on the Placeholders.
The Banner will get a freehand later on ...

I hope you like them as they are really special colored and far a way from all the knowen colorshemes out there. I love them ;)

Montag, 22. September 2014

High Elve Pheonix Guard / Hochelfen Phönixgarde

Hello dear friends and followers.
As i mentioned before i will show up during the days, what the holiday season was done in the painting studio.

So on we go with the Pheonix Guard. The customers wish was a 30 miniature company builded out of 20 miniatures :D That sounds funny in the first but is a normal thing already in the tournament scene i guess. So the point is, to create placeholders instead of miniatures in the back lines of the unit to get them out as first losts in battle. So to keep straight with the idea of this High Elve Army, fighting in the cold ruins of a Nagarothi ruined City i hav added again those ruin arts from the Lord of the Rings Scenery Sprue. The miniatures were assembled arround that placeholders and gives a lot of deep and life to this unit.
The Winter has come more snowy and so we have a good general white theme to push the other colors in the army.

lets have some looks :)

Freitag, 19. September 2014

Loads of High Elves Characters / Jede Menge Hochelfen Charaktere

Hello my Dear Blog Readers :)
Its a while that i posted something. Yeah it was Holiday Season and so i had some Holidays too :)
But i wasnt lazy in this time. A lot of High Elves passed the workbench and some other stuff i will show you during the next couple of days.

I want to start with some Characters for the High Elve Army. We hav a mounted General, 2 mounted Heroes, a mounted mage, 2 mages on foot and a hero on foot...

So lets start with the general. Its the standard boxed miniature, a Dragon Prince on steed. Nothing special in the assembling, just right out of the box.
lets have a look :)