Donnerstag, 24. Oktober 2013

Project Empire Nordland #3 - The Mages

Hello Dear Followers

It's time to go on with the Series about the Empire Nordland Army.
In this "Episode" i talk about and Show you the Mages for that Army. We have all in all 4 Mages on foot, 1 Mage on Horse and one on the Orkanium. In this post you will see 3 of the Mages on Foot, as the 4th is still WIP as the one on Horse and for the Orkanium.
My Customer wanted to have Mages using the Force of Light, but during the painting Progress we changed a few Things on the Paintings to make them more outstanding from the Army and of course more eyecatching.
So on the desk we had 3 Games Workshop Mages in that stage. Alle got a very lightning Color sheme with bright Colors and detailed staffs and books etc. One mage was painted with a metallic cape with stars on it to look like the nightsky. The others have been painted with a very bright Blue White capes, but changed later on during the Progress.
I tried some new things on thoses both as i used things for Nail Art as they are very usefull to make some extra Details as seen on the Banner for the Inner Circle Panther Knights ;)

So lets have a look :)

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Es ist wiedermal Zeit weiter über die Nordland Imperium Armee zu sprechen