Samstag, 5. Januar 2013

Workbench CW 1 / Werkbank KW 1

Hello Friends

So the new year is just a few days old but the time doesnt stand still.

So this weeks overview Workbench calendar week 1 is a bit longer as i take the last 2 days of 2013 also in it and will make a overview over the next few months whats coming up :)
In the last days of the old year i saw that many projects got some time issues as the christmas days and all arround those days with shopping and preparing kept me away from the painting table. I wanted to finish so many things till End of year and as always the time moved to fast :D Damn why is there no extra days haha.
So i finished the Tomb Kings Project in high level with the Sphinx as real big highlight for me as it is an awesome model as you can see here

To make my son happy i helped him a bit with primering his Mines of Moria stuff so he could paint over the holydays his miniatures. I also worked the last days on the big TAU Project to push it further and did alot of assembling work for 2 small Eldar Projects. So more bout that later on :)

Hallo Freunde

Das neue Jahr ist gerade mal ein paar Tage alt und doch bleibt die Zeit nicht stehen :)