Samstag, 31. Januar 2015

Big Nurgle Deamon from Kromlech

Hello :)

So here we go on with the Deamon Army for Warhammer 40.000

This Modelis from KROMLECH. A very cool and extremely well casted Miniature in Resin. There have been just a few small moldlines and everything matched well during the assembling.
It was massive fun to paint that guy as it has loads of details. I used the typical Nurgle Colorshemes of the green, ochre and violet paint range. The bloody effects were first painted in several red tones and finished with the "Blood for the Bloodgod" Effects Color from Games Workshop that gives that wet and fresh blood look. I also used several weathering technics for the metal parts. Several rusty pigments were added and also washes from MIG AMMO.
The Goldgreen colors are from SCALE75 from the Alchemy Gold color set. They are awesome colors for such "old and used" effects.

The Base is not really finished i guess but very close to. I will wash it a bit to warm down the very light Dust pigments i used.

So i hope you enjoy the pictures and leave a feedback here:)

King regards

Hallo :)

Weiter geht es mit der Warhammer 40.000 Dämonenarmee.

Dieses Modell ist von KROMLECH. Eine wirklich coole und gut gegossene Mini in Resin. Nur wenige Gußgrate waren zu reinigen und die Passform ist sehr gut.
Ich hatte großen Spass diese Mini zu bemalen da sie jede Menge Details aufweist. Ich benuzte die typische Nurgle Farbpalette aus Grün, Ocker, Lila. Die Bluteffecte wurden zuerest in mehreren Rottönen gemalt und anschließend mit der "Blood for the Bloodgod" Effecktfarbe von Games Workshop gefinished, was dem Ganzen diesen frischen, nassen Bluteffeckt gibt.
Ebenso kam jede Menge Weathering auf allen Metallteilen zum Einsatz. Hier benuzte ich wieder die verschiedenen Rostpigmente und washes von MIG AMMO.
Das Grüngold wurde mit SCALE75 Farben gemalt die mit ihrem Gold Alchemy Farbset genau die richtigen Farben für solch pattiniertes altes und gebrauchtes Gold liefern.

Das BAse ist im Grund fertig aber ich bin noch nicht 100%ig zufrieden und werde es nochmal "wärmer" tuschen um dem STaub Pigmenten etwas die Stärke zu nehmen.

Ich hoffe euch gefällt diese Mini und ich freue mich über feedback.

King regards

Sonntag, 25. Januar 2015

2nd Round of Portal Paint Off / 2te Runde Portal Paint Off

War! War never changes!

Another round of "Portal paint off" hopefully over. 
At least I again asked something done. In the 2nd round it came to build a post-apocalyptic base. To use a Weathering art and to provide all subsequently completed. I chose the medium of Chipping Vallejo, since I have already gained some experience with this. So all my bits were compiled and built it.  
The figure is from "Brother Vinni" and is very similar to the figures from the Fallout universe. Who knows the Pc game, facing what I mean. 
Here you can see also some pictures of the development process.

Wieder eine Runde vom "Portal paint off" hoffentlich überstanden.
Zumindest habe ich wieder etwas fertig gestellt. In der 2. Runde ging es darum ein postapokalyptisches Base zu bauen. Eine Weathering Technik zu verwenden und das ganze anschliessend fertig zu stellen. Ich entschied mich für das Chipping Medium von Vallejo, da ich mit diesem schon einige Erfahrung gesammelt habe. Also wurden alle meine Bits zusammengetragen und drauf los gebaut.
Die Figur ist von "Brother Vinni" und ähnelt sehr den Figuren aus dem Fallout Universum. Wer das Pc- Spiel kennt, weis wovon ich spreche.
Hier seht ihr auch noch einige Bilder vom Entstehungsprozess. 

Mittwoch, 21. Januar 2015

Neuer Partner Shop / New Partner Store

Hello Everybody :)

Jay's Wargame Painting is very proud to announce a new supporter, sponsor and partner store from Austria.
SPIELBRETT is a Tabletop Store in Upper Austria who supports a lot of Clubs and gamers around Austria. They offer a very good service for all their customers and that on a very personel base. You will have some goodies when you order and some good pricing with a nice discount.

So dont hesitate and jump over to SPIELBRETT and check out what they have in common for you

We are very happy and looking forward for an extraordinary relation between SPIELBRETT and Jay's Wargame Painting :)

king regards

Hallo zusammen

Jay's Wargame Painting ist sehr stolz Euch einen weiteren Partner Shop und Sponsor aus Österreich vorstellen zu dürfen.

SPIELBRETT ist ein Tabletop Store in Oberösterreich der viele Vereine unterstützt und auch eigene Turniere und Veranstaltungen macht.
Sie bieten für jdermann einen sehr guten Kundenservice auf wirklich persönlicher Basis. Es gibt nicht nur Goodies hier und da, sondern natürlich auch ein sehr gutes Rabattsystem das keine Wünsche offen lässt.

Alos warte nicht zu lange und besuche unseren neuen Partner SPIELBRETT

Wir sind wirklich happy und freuen uns sehr auf die Zusammenarbeit mit SPIELBRETT

beste Grüße

Samstag, 17. Januar 2015


Hello Friends

First of all a very warm welcome to the "New Jay's Wargame Painting Blog" and a happy 2015 :) As you can see a few things have changed but for that check the Newsflash Post comming soon.

So here we are with the first finished Project of the Year. Just 4 Charakters left that will be finished in 2 days and get an extra post in few days.

So this is the first Necron Army i have painted and i loved it. The former Plan for that army was a black blue colorsheme with lightning effekts but this changed during the work in progress. Why it changed is easy. Wehad some older miniatures that have been "painted" with Revell Oil colors and that very thick. So it was impossible to strip them from that paint as it were plastic miniatures. Another plan for the painting took part and i decided together with my customer, that we do a very used and rusty rotten look for these guys and then for the whole army.

All was primered softly black with the Airbrush and after drying it got a second primer with MIG Rust Primer. After drying some different rust colors were added particulary with the airbrush. Over that all became a layer of Scratching medium from MIG AMMO.
The next step was a dark metallic blue completely over all miniatures followed by a soft OSL highlight with a bluemetallic from SCALE 75.
The all was scratched with different harder brushes to get scratches and completely rusted areas. The all was sealed with satin varnish.
Several washes from MIG AMMO were used and all models were washed with light rust wash, track rust wash and a bit black wash to darken the whole thing, the griming with different MIG AMMO, followed by another seal with satin varnish. A few Rust pigments were added followed again by a sealing.

Detailwork with different Gold and other metal colors were added.

Finally the Glowing Effects were made with Blue Pigments from FORGED MONKEY followed by White Pigments from PK-PRO both done only with Airbrush.

Last Step was the basing with Wallstones and Rubble from JUWEELA and other Basing Sands. Stones and Gravel were panted with MIG AMMO products, rest was drybrushed. The final step was the Snow. A very tricky thing as i wanted the snow not UPSIDE the stones but BETWEEN for the effect of lighly blowen snow. For that you will see atutorial soon her on JWP :)

So here are a few pics, sadly not in the quality i wanted as my camera is going to die :/ but i hope you like them.