Montag, 30. März 2015


Hello my Friends :)

A few days have past since the last post here. So we have something really colorfull on start here.

It was a Long Long way to finish this Batlleforce of Dwarfes. Not as they were to much and highest Paintlevel, but some Long range issues with a painter i trusted in to work for me and paint some of those squads. As they came back to us we thought everything is okay without checking it. Some weeks later we saw that it was not the Quality we want and so i painted the most again. First Stripping the Colors and then start from the beginning. So a double work process on those miniatures.
Finally my Partner Jürgen helped me out a bit in the last few weeks to get this Project finished.But as i always only can grow on your mistakes and now we have already an army that looks pretty well on the table.

Most of the Miniatures are painted in our new Standard Level. Just a few are painted in Middle Level like the Anvil Mini Dio.

We have 2 Main Colors here representing Kazak a Kharak Dwarfes with a green and blue main Theme . A dark red was added too as first secondary Color and we decided that the leather parts schould be dark.

The Basing was a very simple thing as the customer wanted us to do. So we have a Brown main Color drybrushed a bit and then mainly green gras on it thats all.
All Units are magnetised to the regimental bases which were made extra. Also we decided to do the war mashines on some lil representing bases.

All in all i think thats a fine Army here right now :)

So have a look guys what we did here :)

Hallo Freunde

Es ist ein paar Tage her seid wir etwas gepostet haben doch nun haben wir etwas schön buntes für Euch :)