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Warmachine KRAKEN of Cryx

Hi there folks :)

Its a bit since i have posted something. Private things had grabbed some time and the flu also catched me ;)

So here the latest and finished project on comission. The Warmachine KRAKEN from CRYX Chapter.
A model as huge as a mans fist with loads of extra bits and things. Those long creepy arms, the small crabby like legs. A real mechanicle creature from the deep seas.
The first idea was much simpler as it turned out in the end. It first was planned as a big dark thing with lumi effects only on the arms and weapons. The second thought was "hey, thats a beast, it has to look like a beast and it must have patterns from a real living creature" and so i searched the Web for inspiration and found THIS:

My dear customer said, hey do what ever you want as i trust you as an artist :) and so i did

The first steps were mixing metallic colors for the airbrush who gives the same options as the living creature. For that i used 6 different metallics from the Scale75 Color Range. The formula to make them handy for the airbrush is simple and effective for very smooth spraying. Here it comes:

2 ml Color, 1 ml VAllejo Thinner Medium, 1 ml VAllejo Airbrush Thinner, 1 drop Vallejo Drying Retarder and an agigator ball in the bottle for good shaking.

This formula works very well with a Harder & Steenbeck Infinity with a 0,15mm needle. Yess the smallest needle does it with that mixture what is awesome for great airbrushing as you normally have to use a 0,25 or 0,3 needle minimum ;)

So i airbrushed every parts of the main body and the front legs with those metallics. Followed by a layer of gloss varnish.
After that i painted with normal brush every dot on that surface with black, followed by a layer of german grey. Then again a layer with gloss varnish, followed by a layer of satin vernish.
Allnormal metal parts were airbrushed with 2 different Metallics from Vallejos New Metallics Range.
After sealing everything and painting all the other parts with several layers of gold metallics from Scale75 Color the idea of a mechanical creature came back and everything gots severallayers of Enamel weathering Washes from MIG Ammo and AK Interactive.With that i created that used and rusty look.

here some pics before weathering:

After the complete assembling of that beauty i did a last layer of weathering and created the glow effects. The story behind is, that it glows from inside with high toxic energy. I used some different greens from Vallejo to create these heavy green effects with the airbrush.
After completing the base all came together and here you go, the final pictures of that awesome miniature from privateer press :)

Thank you all for watching and reading
looking forward to your feedback and coments
keep on happy painting
Michael JayCan

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