Freitag, 6. November 2015

Imperial Knight Warden - Battle shaped

Hello Dear Friends

The last month was very silent round about our Studio. That was cause we had some pretty much cool Things on the workbench and now in November you will see all the goodness and we hope you like it :)

The beginning of that journey is THE IMPERIAL KNIGHT WARDEN.

This Kit is definatly one of the best and complex Kits Games Workshop ever has done in my opinion. The price speaks his own language and i must say every buck is worth it. The Model comes very clean out of the sprue and has so many details you could paint a hundred of hours on it.

In our example me decided together with the customer that we want to have a heavy used and battle shaped Knight and so we did.
The assempling has gone in several stages and some parts were painted before assembling. I worked with lots of AMMO of MIG Products to make this beauty worth a second and third look ;)
First part was the lower engine with legs but without all the armor plates. Second was the upper body construction also without the plates, and third all the weapons. All weapons have been magnetised to change it like the rules offer to do so. The last part was all the armor plates with decals etc.
After painting and scratching all parts everything was washed and weathered with several layers of Enamel Washes from MIG AMMO. After sealing all was assembled. Next was to add all the decals and then the final weathering begun. Me used 4 different pigments for the rust to give it enough depth. Then washing several parts again, sealing again and the everything was streaked. For the streaking i used MIG Products but also oil colors in several brown / redbrown tones.

The Base was assembled with several products from JUWEELA SCENICS, we have some FLEXWAY street sections in the middle diagonal thru the base, beside that i added some Tank barricades and loads of gravelled brickstones and some iron sheetings. Also some wire here and there. All parts were primered black and white. Then all was washed with several MIG Effects and washes to give basic colors and depth. After 2 layers of sealing i started to use several grey, green, brown pigments from Vallejo to give the base its dirty dusty look.

So here we go with the pictures
i hope you like it :)

see the several magnetised weapon options

get a look on some details

Base detailed

on this last picture ....
you can see the use of oil colors on the hydraulic systems to get the effect of fresh lubrication grease

let me here your thought and im happy about any feedback


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