Mittwoch, 19. August 2015

Cool Space Marines - CRIMSON KNIGHTS

Howdy :)

Welcome to a new project for a customer.
You see the beginning and the birth of a new Space Marine Chapter.
For the start we have two 5 men Space Marine Squads including seargents and specialweapon, a 5 men strong scout squad and a Cybot ( old metal modell )

They are dark violet with Bone aplication colors and their sign is a green Templercross on a Shield.
I started with a dark violet as base color and did some general highlightning with airbrush in a 15^angle from above with a lighter violet. Then i washed all with a very very thin layer of black wash to get a very dark tone in the corners etc. Finally i highlighted with brush the main color again and finished with a bright Rose tone at the edges.
The Bone color was simply painted and then washed down with different Sepia and umbra mixed washes.

The freehands were added and then the whole Miniatures were weathered with a very very thinned Track Wash.

In this project i mix simple straight painting with Airbrush to highlight the main color and some easy freehand work on the shoulder pads plus some hardlinig highlight on the edges. Finally all get weathered a bit.

The bases are self casted and finished with pigments.

I hope you will like them as me do.

Space Marine Squads



feel free to comment
have a nice day and fun

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