Sonntag, 2. März 2014

Project - Empire Ostmark

Howdy Folks :)

So here we have the finished Empire Ostmark Army. It was finished weeks ago but i just now find time to post about.

This Army was painted in Level 2,3 and 4, so it's lower painted than the Nordland Empire Army i did....this is just General TT Standard Painting ;)
The Army came to me fully assembled what means...every Thing, really everything was glued together, even the Riders to the horses and the Orkanium also complete. This alone is no Problem but all miniatures havent been moldline, beside moldlin :D
In some moments it was hard to paint as you find another moldline you havent reached or seen before.

Also a lil Problem have been the "wonderfull" casted Finecast Modells. Bubbles everywhere, parts broken apart and never been seen. Good that this Army is a gamingarmy in lower Standard, otherwise it wouldnt have been possible to make a high Level paintjob without organising a sculpter as im not able to sculpt atm...i Need to learn ;)

But finally we did it. All missing parts have been found in my bitzbox and so all in all we have a good looking army for gaming :)

This was the second Empire Army painted last year and finally there are just a few add ons to do for both of them.

but enough Comes the pics :)



Some Kavallerie




so thats it for the Moment
hope you like it and comments are welcome as always
Keep on Happy Painting

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  1. Gorgeous! Amazing looking army - the purple and yellow combination looks superb.