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"HOW TO" - Winter Germans Part 1

Hello :)

This is the first Part of a new Thread Series called " HOW TO " where i show some Step by Step WIPs of my current Projects.

I start with my Winter Germans for Bolt Action from Warlord Games and hope you like it.

I generally start with a grey Primer as grey works pretty well with any colors to paint. Normally the next step is to paint all the Faces as me thinks that a miniature that has a Face with eyes looks at you and inspires you so to go ahead. It becomes a soul if you like so. For painting faces i will do an other HOW TO pretty soon, but in this one i will concentrate on the german uniform grey :)

Hallo :)

Heute geht es los mit dem aller ersten Teil der neuen Beitragsserie " HOW TO " wo ich Schritt für Schritt zeige wie ich an meinen Projekten gearbeitet habe.
Ich beginne mit meinen Winter Deutschen für Bolt Action von Warlord Games und ich hoffe es gefällt euch.

Freitag, 23. November 2018

Bolt Action - Winter Germans I

Hello my dear followers & friends

With this post a long series of Bolt Action the WW2 tabletop Game from Warlord Game starts.
The first miniatures i show here are from Heer46 run by Denis Schumacher, a small Series but highest Quality in White Metal. All the Miniatures a full of great Detail and everything is well researched to make it historically as correct as possible.

So here we have 2 Officers and a Medium Mortar with Crew. I want my Army different than so many other German Winter Armys and so i did parts of the Uniform in Autumn Eichenlaub Sheme combined with white and the classical Field Grey.
To make the Eichenlaub sheme i used only 4 Colours. I started a basecoat in German Camo Brown. Then made areas with German Black Brown Camo using toothsticks to do the dotts all over. After that also with a toothstick i "dotted" the Orange Brown Camo. After that all was dried well i gave the whole uniform part a thinned layer of Strong Tone wash ( 50 / 50 mix Color to Acrylic thinner ) and so these Areas were finished. Of Course you can add more layers to make it darker and redo the dots then on some areas but as it is for gaming i think its very good enough to pop out of other Winter armys. The Rest is classically painted in all those German Late war Colors from the Vallejo Panzer Aces and Model Color Range.
For the White i used 3 different White tones and a highly thinned Wash with grey and Sepia. ( There will come a Tutorial for painting White soon )
To clear this up a bit i am a big fan of Washes and Shades to generate depth in an very easy way when i do my Tabletop Standard. Very often i mix them by myself with several add ons like Glace Medium and Acrylic Thinners.
The Base is not a typical Bolt Action Base as they are to flat for my personal use as i always pinning my miniatures to the Base and paint the miniatures on a cork and build the Bases seperate as it looks simply more realistic when a miniature steps ON a surface instead of standing IN and Under a surface.
For the Base i used first a layer ( 2-3mm ) of a sandy Paste from Vallejo but you can use any other Brand or make it yourself just mixing Sand and PVA Glue and some house paint. The "Theme" here on these bases is a Wood Ground with fresch fallen Snow. My Woodfloor mix is

Sonntag, 28. Oktober 2018

Crusading Knights

Hello my dear Friends and Followers
After this epic long break i want to show you what happened during this long time :)

Here we have 4 Questing Knights from the Bretonia Range from Games Workshop. The idea was to create some real Crusaders of the Big Crusade. A general thought was that those knights nowadays had all of their houshold with them and so these Questing Knights are perfect for this.

As you can see they are all marked with the Red Cross of the Knights Templars which i freehanded everywhere. So the color Range was very limited for this paintjob. We have White, Red and Metal as the three main colors and many different browns as extra Paint. All the houshold things were painted in wooden colors and the rest also in some beige tones to keep the pallet very simple.
Me also used some Washes and Pigments to give them a used and dirty look as they have a very long journey behind them.

So enough of the Talk lets walk the walk

Hallo Freunde und Follower
Nach dieser sehr langen Pause möchte ich eines der Projekte vorstellen an denen ich in dieser Zeit gearbeitet habe :)

Samstag, 27. Oktober 2018

And so it beginns...again

Hello friends & followers.

First at all i need to apologise for the long long silence on this Blog. Based on several circumstances i had to retire for a while with all that painting stuff.
Finally i freed myself from commission painting and from now on this Blog is a clean and sober HOBBY BLOG which means its all about the Wargaming and Miniature Pinting Hobby.

I closed the official Commission Painting Service and so i finally have time for my own Hobby and to check and share great stuff from other pages and artists. Thats it what this Blog will become in the very near future.

First of all i smalled down my studio to feel more comfortable and warm inside.

In the next couple of days i will start to post some of the new projects i work on and hopefully can start with a long wish of mine to do Tutorils and share them with you.

Also my Facebook Page is fully new and you can follow me here: Jays Wargame Painting on Facebook. Me also did a Facebook Group round about the Hobby also included to my Facebook Page you can find here: Jays Wargame Painting Group Please please when you have a Facebook Account and are interested in some great Wargaming and Miniature Painting talks join me on my Page and in my group :)

Upcomming Project is BOLT ACTION. I will present how i paint my Winter germans and right after that my Russian Force. Also upcomming is some Age of Sigmar painting things.

So thats for the restart

i wish you all a great weekend and dont forget to like and share

Michael JayCan

Samstag, 18. August 2018



Long long ago the Blog went silent

Now as i am in my personal Hobby again without any Commission Work i decided to reanimate this dead place :)

Soon lots of new Posts about Painting painting painting.....


Samstag, 21. Mai 2016

Donnerstag, 21. April 2016

Warmachine KRAKEN of Cryx

Hi there folks :)

Its a bit since i have posted something. Private things had grabbed some time and the flu also catched me ;)

So here the latest and finished project on comission. The Warmachine KRAKEN from CRYX Chapter.
A model as huge as a mans fist with loads of extra bits and things. Those long creepy arms, the small crabby like legs. A real mechanicle creature from the deep seas.
The first idea was much simpler as it turned out in the end. It first was planned as a big dark thing with lumi effects only on the arms and weapons. The second thought was "hey, thats a beast, it has to look like a beast and it must have patterns from a real living creature" and so i searched the Web for inspiration and found THIS:

Freitag, 6. November 2015

Imperial Knight Warden - Battle shaped

Hello Dear Friends

The last month was very silent round about our Studio. That was cause we had some pretty much cool Things on the workbench and now in November you will see all the goodness and we hope you like it :)

The beginning of that journey is THE IMPERIAL KNIGHT WARDEN.

Dienstag, 27. Oktober 2015

Montag, 5. Oktober 2015

Quick Snapshots Work in Progress

Howdy friends
We are back with the Blog after the Hack Attack

and so here you have a few pics to see whats going on at the Workbench atm

have fun with that used Version of an Imperial Knight WIP