Dienstag, 1. März 2016

aaaaand its not over, nothing is over before we decided it ;)

Howdy my dear followers, customers and friends

You may have read the last Post here a while ago, bout stopping the Paintservice. It is a yess and a noo in that. I decided to stop for a while to concentrate on still open to finish customer projects andafter that i will go in a deep self learning. I want to improve my skills to a newer, more modern and defo higher level of painting. For that i already have some projects planned but more about that later this month :)

So here we go with a current project of tha Space Marine Army. I dont say much about that as i think the pics speak for them self.
The paint level is the middle stage of what we have offered so far. Some models have been send assembled long years ago, i think i did mybest to compensate the rough old GW models as they were nowadays a pain in the ass to assemble.

So here we go, with lots of freehands to "pimp up the ride"

Hope you enjoy
Michael JayCan


Hell from above ^^

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